In the hardwood industry, The Grade reflects the "look" of the wood by the variation of colours. Generally ranging from 1 to 5, we go from a lighter product to a more rustic or textured product, whose knots are noticeable to the eye and touch.



The highest quality grade considered, the most sought after and sold in the world of hardwood flooring. Pale and uniform colours are selected, marks and stains are not allowed for this grade. There are no knots for this grade either. The end result is a very uniform 'look' without any colour variations.


PACIFIC - Out of Stock

Pacific is the approximate grade that is found on the select and better spectrum. It's characteristics are natural, slight colour variants without knots.


NATURAL - Out of Stock

Pleasant mix of the natural colours from the heart the sapwood. Mineral streaks are allowed for this grade, but not marks or the holes. However, knots and nodes of less than 10mm are permitted.



This grade is found between Natural and Rustic. It's a pleasant blend of the natural colours of the heart and sapwood. Mineral streaks are allowed, but not holes. We can find knots in the grade, but they are smoothed out.



This grade allows for colour variations and the natural characteristics of wood species. You can find nodes of different sizes. A rustic floor is utilitarian and inexpensive since wormholes, loose knots, cracks, checks and other imperfections are caulked and covered with a varnish.