Plancher Marteau: Made by Hand

For a long time, Canadian flooring manufacturers were losing the battle against the quickly-produced but sub-quality products made by international competition.  The crafters behind Plancher Marteau were no exception and the factory in Métis-sur-Mer where they had been hand-making hardwood flooring for over 35 years was facing hard times.

In 2016, Québec entrepreneurs who wanted to provide customers with higher quality flooring made from home were given an opportunity. A happenstance event led to the creation of Plancher Marteau, and with it came the revitalization of the Métis-sur-Mer factory. Plancher Marteau is proud to have its hardwood flooring product crafted by the hardworking people of Métis; the same people who for over 35 years have been making hardwood floors completely by hand. Their experience combined with a passion for what they do ensures the quality of every product that comes out of their factory and into your home. 

Available in different species, colours, widths and finishes, Plancher Marteau pairs well with any country or contemporary design. Plancher Marteau: Made by the people of Québec. Made by Canadians. Made by Hand.


Installations. Maintenance. Guarantees.


INSTALLATION, Maintenance and Guarantee.

It is important to read the installation instructions, the maintenance guide and the warranty document carefully before installation. An installation that does not comply with the instructions may void your warranty. If you have any questions regarding the installation process, please contact us. 


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